Stop Being Nervous and go Crush it!

We asked every employee at Prestige Business Solutions, Inc if they have ever felt nervous and every single person said, “Yes”.  Whether it was nervousness related to an interview, a big sales presentation, sport, or asking someone out on a date we all have felt nerves at some time. Prestige Business Solutions, Inc has a few tips to help ease your nerves20160204_212524

  1. You know what you want to say: Concentrate on the Ideas:  Concentrate on the ideas you want to get across, not on your own nervousness.  Even shy people speak up when it’s something they care about.
  2. Kill the Intro – Make a Strong Start:  You’ll be most nervous at the beginning, so start with an introduction that will be easy to remember and that will relax you and ease you into the rest of the talk.  Try a fun ice breaker or content you are familiar with to ease the situation.
  3. “Fake it till you make it”: Portray a Confident Attitude:  Tell yourself you’re “pumped,” not nervous.  Remember that, to an audience, nervousness can seem like dynamism or energy.  Your attitude will probably determine what the audience thinks.
  4. In through the nose and out through the mouth: BREATHE.  Right before you have to start whatever it is, take a few moments to regulate and deepen your breathing. The second you start to feel a case of nerves building up take a deep breath.  You will start to feel better immediately and your voice will convey your relaxation and confidence.

Always remember, no one knows what you are supposed to say so even if it doesn’t go how you planned it, the crowd does not know that.  Stand strong and finish your presentation – you got this!


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