3 Tips to Rock your Interview and Land the Job

3 Tips to Rock your Interview and Land the Job

Spring is the time when a lot of companies have open positions.  With the new birth of flowers and warm weather, many people get the itch to switch jobs.  Prestige Business Solutions has 3 tips to ace your interview.

  1. Dress like a boss.Prestige Business Solutions - The Warriers

The best way to feel confident during your interview is to be the best-dressed person in the room. By dressing like you own the place you will give off the impression that you have the ability to actually run the place. Don’t try any crazy styles out unless you are interviewing for a creative position (graphic designer, artist, interior designer).

  1. Think before you speak.

Often times we start talking immediately after someone asks a question.  An interview is a time to give well thought through responses and that takes a little time. Take a couple seconds to think about your answer before you let the words start rolling out of your mouth.  Silence is okay for a few seconds.

  1. Do your research and Ask Questions.

The easiest way to give the impression that you are not interested in the job is to come in unprepared.  You wouldn’t buy a house without doing some research about it. So why would you go into an interview without doing any research?  Look through the company’s website and social media.  Ask questions about things you need clarification on.  Are you unclear about the job description in the ad?  Ask about it.  Wondering how the person interviewing you got started in the business? Ask them!  We have the answers and are excited to share them with you!

Prestige Business Solutions is confident if you follow these 3 tips and you will land your dream job in no time!

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