Does Drive Mean More than Talent When it Comes to Success?

There is a well-known quote that states, “Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard”. The effort that you put forth is the most influential factor in determining whether you will be successful or not, whether it be in life or business. Of course, talent, experience and resources will also play their part. However, the number one factor in determining success is drive and determination.

There is much debate on the subject of greatness and how people become great. Is it innate talent that they are born with? Is it natural talent that becomes even more great with practice? Or is it ordinary people that become great because they are determined to so do.

Perhaps it is a mix of a few things. However, you will be hard pressed to find a truly exceptional and successful person who has not worked their ass off to get there where they are.

Because greatness and success have no precise definition and the meaning is personal to everyone, this has been an ongoing debate. Is greatness born or is it made? We can all likely agree that although one may be born with natural talent, that talent will be useless if that individual has no drive behind it. If that person combines their innate talent with ambition, they will be unstoppable!

That’s not to say that those without a natural talent in a certain field cannot be successful. Many people struggle to find their footing for years, but their determination carries them much farther than those who don’t have to try at all. We firmly believe that anyone can learn any skill if they want it badly enough. Through determination and perseverance, anyone can become a success and anyone can create talent where it wasn’t there before.

Using your ambition to drive your Success:


            What does this debate have to do with you and your future? Keeping this debate in mind when setting your goals and priorities for your future can help you keep yourself on track. It is a great way to keep things in perspective.

Remember that you do not need to have a certain skill to pursue your goals and dreams. Skills can always be learned and mastered if you are determined enough. Don’t ever allow the fear of failure to stop you from going after what you want. You can and will learn those skills and you will become great at them if you truly want to.

Remember that it is your focus, motivation and drive that will bring you to success. Your skills and experience will come along with those key elements. If you truly want success, you will find a way. If not, you will find an excuse.

While talent can get you far in life, talent alone will not bring you success. If you want it, go get it!