Stress Relieving Daily Habits

Stress is a part of life, and as much as we’d like to, we can’t avoid it. We can, however, employ strategies to reduce, reflect and relieve stress in our everyday lives.


Here are some simple, yet very effective ways to keep stress at bay:

  1. Get enough sleep. A lack of sleep will wreak havoc on anyone who is prone to anxiety. Even those who aren’t will notice an increase in stress levels when they’re not getting enough sleep. Make sure you’re getting enough rest to keep your stress levels at a minimum and keep your thought processes working smoothly. 
  1. Prepare the night before. Preparation is one of the biggest keys to success. Getting ready for each day the night before not only sets you up for a successful day, but it relieves a lot of stress during busy mornings. 
  1. Stretch in the morning. A good morning stretch relieves any physical tension you have in your body and it gets your blood moving. It’s great to get the blood and oxygen pumping to your brain first thing in the morning in order to improve your mood and increase your energy. 
  1. Sit down for breakfast. Give yourself enough time to sit down and eat a nutritious breakfast each morning. Downing a coffee and a quick breakfast on the go only adds more stress to a frantic morning. Sit down, enjoy your coffee, tea or a wholesome smoothie and take the time to really enjoy your meal. 
  1. Plan your day. Planning your day is huge. This is where you schedule, prioritize and get all of the clutter and chaos out of your head and onto paper, (or whatever device you use). Once it’s all written down, you can visualize it, set reminders, check things off and you no longer have to constantly stress and go over everything in your head. 
  1. Take your lunch break. We know that sometimes it’s unavoidable, but don’t make a habit of working through your lunch break, (and other breaks). We have breaks for a reason; to refuel, refresh, recharge and refocus. 
  1. Go for a walk. A quick walk can work wonders when it comes to reducing stress. Some physical activity paired with a change of scenery can boost your mood, help you to refocus and relieve stress and anxiety. 
  1. Chat with your S/O’s. Make the time to talk and connect with the people in your life. Sometimes we can isolate when we become stressed, when what we need most is to connect with those we care about. 
  1. Do something you love. When you’re constantly wrapped up in work and obligations, you’re bound to get stressed out! Make sure you take the time to do what makes you happy! 
  1. Develop a relaxing bedtime routine. A bedtime routine is super important when it comes to reducing stress. Not only does a bedtime routine help you to relax and ease tension, it sets you up for a restful night of sleep! Begin getting ready for bed at least 1/2 an hour early and make sure to wash up, get in comfy clean pajamas, turn off your screens and do a relaxing activity such as reading, knitting or coloring Even the thought of a relaxing bedtime routine is the perfect finish to each day.

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