Setting Achievable Goals

It’s a brand spankin’ new year, and at Prestige Business Solutions, we can’t help but feel ready to revamp our lifestyles. Many of us set out to achieve new goals and new versions of ourselves each year. Sometimes we succeed. Sometimes…not so much.

What sets apart the years or goals that work out in our favor from those that don’t? It’s got little to do with luck and more to do with how we approach our target.


Here’s how to set a realistic resolution and actually achieve it!

  1. Define your goal. When setting a goal, it’s crucial to be specific and concise about what you want to accomplish. Don’t just pull something out of the air solely because you should be setting a goal, or because it’s something other people are doing or want you to do. Put some serious thought into it. 
  1. Write it down.A goal that’s not written down is just a dream.” Writing your goal down makes it concrete. It makes is real. Once you write it down, put that sucker in a place where you’ll have to see it every day, (your bathroom mirror, fridge, coffee maker, etc.), so you can’t possibly forget about it. 
  1. Understand your why. Without a why, it’s too easy to lose ambition. When you have a solid reason for why you want to accomplish your goals, your drive will compel you to follow through until the end. 
  1. Break down the goal. When you look at your end goal as a whole, it can seem extremely overwhelming or seemingly unachievable. This is where many people lose their ambition. Don’t allow the intensity of your dream to squash your hunger. Breaking your goals down into smaller steps makes the climb much more doable. 
  1. Set a deadline. Set a concrete deadline for your for-seen accomplishment, and hold yourself to it. In addition, set solid checkpoints for your achievements along the way. 
  1. Hold yourself accountable. It’s important to take responsibility when you don’t follow through with your commitments. When setting personal goals, no one is going to be there to hold you accountable except for yourself, so the more you allow yourself to slide the more complacent you will become. It’s an amazing feeling to accomplish your own goals. It builds confidence, independence, responsibility, work-ethic and happiness!  Happy goal-setting!

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